Best Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers

Best Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers

As my blogs grow, I’ll be discussing parenting and fostering my creative aspirations. But for my first blog, I’ve decided to discuss something that many parents would have a hard time living without.  Coffee and specifically the best coffee machine for coffee lovers.

I absolutely love my coffee every morning. Even if I get up early and work out, my day usually can’t begin without that first cup of java. My Miele Coffee Machine makes mine perfectly, every single day.

Depending on your coffee preferences from Dunkin Donuts to Starbucks. A cup of coffee could cost you $2.00 to $4.50 USD.

If you grab a coffee every day on your way to work. That’s between $520 and $1,170 USD every year that you spend on coffee. Not to mention the time it takes out of your day to wait in line. During peak hours it’s between 5-10 minutes. Meaning the average person spends a total of 2-3 days each year waiting in line for coffee. And how many times have you left a coffee shop only to find out later that they got your order wrong?

A Coffee Machine for True Coffee Lovers

From low cost entry level machines listed below, to more expensive units, a Miele Coffee Machine is like having your own personal barista in your kitchen. Even with built in options for custom made kitchens, you’ll never have a bad cup of coffee again. We’ve had ours for seven years, and it’s more than paid for itself a long, long time ago. 

With pre-programmable menus, you can create personalized brew settings, name them, and save them so that every morning, your coffee is ready when you are.  Capable of brewing just regular coffee, or even more fancy beverages such as; lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. Whether for yourself, or when entertaining guests, a great home brewing system that basically pays for itself.

One of the things I love the most about my Countertop Coffee Machine is the Personal Profile settings. You can create and save customized brewing profiles so that each cup of coffee is tailor-made for that individual. It truly is like having your own personal barista in your home.  “John. Dark roast black coffee for John!” Nothing quite like settling in with a good book and a cup of freshly brewed coffee on a Sunday morning.

Benefits of a Quality Coffee Machine

Freshly Ground Coffee

There’s nothing like the flavour, consistency and aroma of freshly ground coffee. With a Miele Coffee Machine, purchase whole beans from anywhere. Freshly ground coffee beans retain their natural moisture and oils, providing a greater smelling and greater tasting cup of coffee. Certainly proving why its the best coffee machine.


We’ve all been there! You order a cup of coffee, take that first sip and it’s scalding hot. “Ouch!” Now you’ve got a burnt tongue and it just ruins the whole coffee enjoyment experience. Miele Coffee Machines brew below the boiling point (92c / 197F). Which ensures every cup of coffee is enjoyable from the first sip to the last. Coffee brewed below the boiling point is also more flavourful and less acidic.


One of the biggest benefits of a automatic Coffee Machine is convenience. In our On-Demand world, the Miele Coffee Machine provides you with a high-quality cup of coffee, quickly and easily. Serve your guests barista-style beverages in the comfort of your home. No more standing in lines waiting for people in front of you to decide what to order. You’ll be sailing past the coffee shops enjoying your personalized perfect cup of coffee every time.


Instead of waiting in line to buy coffee, a this Coffee Machine allows you to brew your coffee faster and cheaper. Do the math and you’ll see how quickly the savings will add up over the course of just one year. Between my wife and I, we used to spend thousands each year on coffee shop beverages and treats. You’ll soon realize how much time and money it will save you.


A Miele Coffee Machine allows you to make different types of coffee, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and more. You can purchase light roast, dark roast, mild, bold, and flavored or seasonal blends and beans from around the globe. Every option is available for the coffee lover. I’ll later discuss some of our favourite varieties in a another blog.

Reduce Stress

No more waiting in line, botched coffee orders, being in a rush or late for work, and obviously no more burnt tongues.  With a Miele Coffee Machine you start your day with less stress and less mess.  


It’s sometimes difficult to buy a coffee at a coffee shop and ignore the sugary high-carb sweets in the display case.  In addition to skipping the long lines, brewing your own coffee at home also helps keep those cravings in check.


Imagine starting your day off with a good book, the morning paper or that breathtaking sunrise, while you enjoy a freshly brewed personalized coffee. Take back the hours that you would normally spend standing in line waiting for coffee to relax, catch up on the news, or enjoy time with family and friends.

Environmentally Friendly

No more disposable coffee cups and plastic lids from coffee shops. Obviously.

Comparatively Miele Coffee Machines are a great investment for best coffee machine for coffee lovers who appreciate an exceptional cup of coffee, brewed just the way you like it.

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