Sturdy and comfortable office chairs from Secretlab are great for gamers, home offices or studios.
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Many office chair manufacturers promise comfort and stability, but only Secretlab delivers.

It’s easy to understand why video game players and video game developers, who spend numerous hours every day in front of their computers, love Secretlab chairs. I’ve spent decades sitting in uncomfortable office chairs that limit productivity.  This Titan 2020 Secretlab chair is without a doubt the most comfortable and well made office chair I’ve ever sat in.

These chairs aren’t just for gamers. I spend hours at my desk editing audio and video, writing scripts, and connecting with clients and agents, so this chair was a very welcomed Father’s Day gift from my wife and children. Prior to receiving my new office chair, I had never heard of Secretlab, Team Liquid or Alienware, but I must say I’m very impressed. I LOVE THIS CHAIR! I’m excited to sit in it every morning and get to work.

The Secret of Secretlab

So what is it that separates Secretlab chairs from all the other desk chairs, office chairs, or ergonomic chairs on the market? You’re about to find out;

Military Precision

If I had known how much care and precision Secretlab puts into packaging their products, I would have created an unboxing video. Right out of the box you can tell this chair was crafted with extreme attention to every detail. The packaging itself was so precise. There was no space left to waste. Imaging yourself in a spy thriller, opening a secret case containing valuable items or military hardware. That is what it felt like as I began to unbox my Secretlab Titan 2020 chair.

Ease of Assembly

Secretlab chairs are incredibly easy to assemble, even if you’re not handy with tools. For someone like me who has big hands, it was a joy not to have to fumble around with tiny little pieces that slip out of your grip or go missing. All the parts and tools you need are included and are very well laid out. The instructions include simple language and diagrams for anyone of any skill level to follow. My kids could have assembled this chair with little or no assistance from me.

Unmatched Comfort

Once you’ve assembled your new Secretlab chair, the first time you sit in it is nothing short of magical. The are several adjustments that you can make to contour the chair to your specific body type, and once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase one sooner. My back, neck, hips, legs, and shoulders are all right where they need to be. That way, I can be as productive as possible without my body complaining of fatigue. It is far superior to every other ergonomic chair I ever owned or used.

Regal Feel and Stylish Design

Regardless of what colour or pattern you chose, Secretlab chairs stand out. People will want to know where you got your chair. They’ll also likely ask if they can take it for a test drive too. There’s no denying it, that when you sit in a Secretlab chair you just feel like royalty. Like you’re in command of your own little Enterprise, or like you’re in a hollowed out volcano directing hoards of minions. The swivel in the chair is smooth and sleek, while the chair feels sturdy and dominating. Attitude is everything, and sitting in a Secretlab certainly cultivates the right attitude.

Secretlab office chair for Meissner Sound / Meissner Creative studios.

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